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“Dr. Norton is such an amazing provider. She is very caring, and kind hearted. She always goes the extra mile to help her patients. I have never met such a caring provider. I have been to many clinics where the doctors don’t seem to actually care, some would just continue to prescribe you meds without getting your bloodwork check every so often to monitor your organs. There have been times where she is unavailable, but her husband, Dr. Delgado would make time in his busy schedule to squeeze us patients in. Norton Delgado Family Medicine is a very compassionate office. Very genuine providers, glad my husband and I are patients of theirs.”

Selina G., San Bernardino CA

“After seeing multiple doctors who dismissed me and would speak to me for only 2 minutes I found Dr. Laura Norton. I’m happy to say that she’s now my PCP! She’s listened to me and directed me to the right providers and clinics for my health issues. The medical assistants and girls who work at the front desk are all great as well. They all collaborated and helped me with some paperwork that I needed for school in a timely manner and were very patient and understanding. Overall I’m very happy with the care I’ve received here.”

Monica G., Fontana CA

“After the terrible experiences I’ve had in the last year with other offices / doctors, Dr. Delgado really restored a bit of faith in me in doctors, and the medical system. I know it’s going to take some time but if today was any indication of his willingness to help I feel confident that I finally found a Dr who will treat me with respect and is willing to help. They are a busy office but I highly recommend seeing Dr. Delgado. Even if you have to wait. Also the staff was very friendly too. all in all it was a refreshing experience!”

Joe O., Rancho Cucamonga CA

“Dr. Delgado is the best Doctor I have ever had. His staff is awesome, they are always on the ball in getting things done. I have had some issues lately and Dr. Delgado has guided me through it all with total and complete success, I can totally recommend his office.”

Johnny N., Rancho Cucamonga CA

“I went in for the first time yesterday and Dr. Laura Norton was absolutely amazing. She was so friendly and took the time to answer all my questions. I finally found a good doctor! 🙂 she also took the time to answer questions my insurance was not able to answer for some reason. I really recommend her! I showed up a couple mins late for my appointment and there was no wait time at all.”

Laura P., Upland CA


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“Dr. Norton is the first doctor that has really taken the time to listen to me in a long time. Have had some ongoing medical issues that I am finally getting a handle on. The office staff is down to earth and always make you feel welcome. I would highly recommend this office.”

Janet Larson

“A good family clinic. Professional and caring. They incorporate holistic as well as medical treatment. Their staff is pleasant and responsive. I highly recommend this facility.”

John Comeau

“The atmosphere of the office is peaceful and professional. Dr. Norton is very caring and knowledgeable and serves her patients with the utmost in care. She is quick to communicate lab results and goes the extra mile in caring for her patients. I am very pleased with the attention she has paid to both my husband and me. She went above and beyond to provide quick thorough care. I highly recommend Norton Delgado Family Medicine.”

Holly Holloway-Friesen

“Great Doctor and staff. Highly recommend this place.”

Sal Diaz

“The Norton Delgado Family Clinic is a caring and knowledgeable office. I enjoy being able to take my children to the same doctor that I see. It’s perfect for our busy lives. Appointments are easy to get and your wait time while in the office is minimal. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to make Dr. Norton our family doctor!”

Shelley Pence Van Noy

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